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About me

I'm a third-year Game Design student at Brassart Aix-en-Provence, and I've been passionate about the world of video games since the age of 6. From my first experiences with the Nintendo DS to the present day, over the years I've seen video games as more than just a form of entertainment - they've become a real vocation.

I studied Game Design at the BRASSART school to train in the field and specialise as a Game Designer. During my studies, I worked on various projects that gave me experience in game creation and design and broadened my skills.

My main interest in a game is to convey a story or a universe through a captivating gaming experience, whether through its characters, its gameplay or its sound atmosphere. I'm constantly looking for new challenges to take on and new ideas to explore in order to design increasingly immersive video games.

My videogame culture is very diverse, ranging from retro games to the most modern titles. I have a passion for racing games (Forza Horizon, Need For Speed, Test Drive Unlimited, etc.), action/adventure games and role-playing games, but I'm always ready to explore new genres and gaming experiences.

Apart from video games, I'm also very interested in paper role-playing games, which give me unique experiences through fictional characters and worlds, as well as science, zoology and history.

If you're interested in my work, please don't hesitate to contact me through my various networks so that we can discuss my skills and my various projects, as well as any job opportunities in the video game industry.

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