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Break in the Loop

Break in the Loop is a VR burglary escape game in which players will have to work together to collect a large haul in 1920s Chicago in a famous Speakeasy.


At Friar's Inn, a speakeasy in Chicago's Loop district, rumour has it that the owner is in cahoots with gangsters who hide their money from the sale of moonshine. This isn't the first time you and your cohorts have worked together, and there's no hiding place good enough to keep you from hitting the jackpot. Infiltrate the Speakeasy, solve the riddles hidden there, and come out much, much richer.

Roles and involvement in the project

During this project, my job was to help design the many puzzles that players would have to solve during their game to progress through the different rooms of the Friar's Inn. Our ambition was to encourage collaboration between the player with the VR headset and those with the real clues, by getting them to cross-reference information both in the game and in real life. We also wanted to remain faithful to the aesthetics and culture of the 1920s in the United States by offering puzzles using elements specific to the era (bell hats, jazz, gramophones, etc.).

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