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Echoes of the Restless

The balance between the world of the divinities and that of the Fomorians is under threat. In this narrative sidescroller platformer, play as an entity returned from the dead who, in his quest, will have to use his ingenuity to travel between worlds in the most curious of ways: find out how to die.


You play the role of a Fomorian, a creature from Celtic mythology who has unfortunately lost his memories. Following the great war that once pitted your people against Lug, the God of Divinities, he came to your rescue. However, you have reasons to believe that Lug is hiding the truth from you. Despite this, you have no choice but to work with him to save the divine world, for he has bound himself to you in order to awaken you.

Accompanied by Cethlenn, a will-o'-the-wisp, you will travel through the lands of Dagda, the Druid god, and Goibniu, the Blacksmith god. Your aim will be to reactivate the divine links between these two gods in order to prevent the Disequilibrium that is engulfing both worlds.

Recover your memories and bring down the masks.

Roles and involvement in the project

During this project, I was able to work on the narrative and writing to highlight the Celtic universe and its mythological aspect through its dialogue and characters. I also had the opportunity to use my Quality Assurance (QA) skills during the design phase of the game to guarantee its technical stability and ease of use for players.

This project was an opportunity for me to learn how to utilise my storytelling and world-building skills and adapt them to a platform game format; this required me to devise a style of writing that was in keeping with the game's fast pace, which should never detract from its gameplay. I've also seen myself grow in terms of organising the QA phases and communicating with my team to help deliver a smooth, enjoyable game experience.

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