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Speech Run

Produced during the Brassart 2023 Global Game Jam, Speech Run is an improvisation board game for 3 to 6 players. Tell ludicrous stories with your friends based on theme words and a random emotion, and put your eloquence to the test to win!


- 1 World Dice (Stone Age/Western/Espace/Viking/Egypt/Fairy Tales/Modern Times/Pirates)

- 1 Emotion die (Joy/Anger/Sadness/Fear/Surprise/Disgust)

- 1 Hourglass (30 seconds)

- 64 Keyword cards

Flow of the game

- The pack of keyword cards is shuffled, and each player receives three.

- The youngest player goes first by rolling the world and emotion dice.

- The other players each give them one of their keyword cards.

- The player can take time to prepare and then has 30 seconds, measured by the hourglass, to improvise a speech based on the rolled world and emotion while including as many key words as possible.

- If they manage to use all of their keywords before the time is up, they may draw additional cards in order to earn bonus points.

- Once the time is up, the cards corresponding to each keyword used are kept by the player, and the next one to the right takes their turn.

- After three rounds of everyone taking a turn, the game ends and the player with the most cards wins.

Roles and involvement in the project

The Global Game Jam at Brassart Aix-En-Provence gave me the opportunity to work with people I'd never met before, in a setting that was different from school group projects. With the sole aim of producing a game based on a "30 seconds" mechanic, I was able to put forward the idea of a unique card game that would showcase eloquence and quick thinking, with the best speech ensuring victory.

With the help of the Game Artists who collaborated with me during the 48 hours of production, we created a mix of different worlds and eras, disregarding history to free the imagination and facilitate creativity. As someone who has been passionate about theatre and role-playing for several years, designing a game that encourages the interpretation of a character through his or her different emotions is something that was close to my heart and that I wanted to convey through Speech Run.

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